HRW writes a letter

Human Rights Watch says 26 civilians, including 17 children, have been killed in three separate Turkish-jihadi attacks in Afrin on January 21, 27, and 28, following an investigation.

Their feeble conclusion is that these civilians deaths “may be unlawful”, as though there is a lawful way to kill civilians. HRW wrote a letter to the Turkish government, which denies civilians have been hurt, but received no response.

Case closed.

EDIT: Quelle surprise! It turns out the author of this feeble investigation, Lama Fakih, also authored the disgraced 2015 Amnesty International report accusing the YPG of war crimes against ISIS in eastern Syria. That report was debunked later by a United Nations investigation which found no evidence for the accusations. Lama Fakih is presently Human Rights Watch’s deputy director of Middle East division.