DreamWalkabout: An Australian Anabasis

DreamWalkabout: An Australian Anabasis

Sydney to Alice Springs

Now, this is NOT a formal announcement but it is time to make that ‘elevator speech’ to Alakurda. There have been hints here in the last few weeks, more so on Twitter, but what exactly is this #DreamWalkabout, this ‘anabasis’ now that that’s in the title too?

Anabasis means ‘journey to the inland’ in ancient Greek. It is also a history book (from circa 370 BC) about 10.000 mercenaries, used to living by thalassa (the sea), marching deep into Asia Minor and Mesopotamia, to deserts and mountains, in search of war, glory, and lucre. Its author Xenaphon was one of the generals who led the army that was hired by a Persian usurper. When the Greeks who survived the adventure lay eyes on thalassa again, the world got to know my people, Kurds, for the first time too.

So this Kurd, who jumped ship in Gladstone in January 1989 and called Australia home ever since, wishes to end his 3-decades-long solo adventure with a lengthy walkabout deep inside the outback. This Kurd has no intention to war or even to harm an animal in his journey. He will only seek peaceful passage, with utmost respect for this land’s traditional owners and ways, to the heart of his adopted homeland, on foot, as in the ancient ways, and go “Uluru! Uluru!” before that grand symbol of the country’s heart, as a fulfilled man, at last!

Yes. That’s my dream Australian anabasis. That is what this #DreamWalkabout is about.

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