Hun bi xer hatin Alakurda / Welcome to Alakurda

This weblog seeks to offer a Kurdish Australian’s answer to the ultimate question of life and universe and everything in between. The name Alakurda is a word play on ‘a la Franca’. It also means “Kurdish flag”.

Here, the reader will get to see write-ups on an eclectic selection of interests; from local personal stories to Middle Eastern politics, from religion to sports and arts, from ancient Roman history to the Walking Dead, from cats to cosmos, the arcane as well as the popular, in words, sounds and images.

Currently, I am a journalism student at Sydney TAFE. This weblog will help me pass the course too.

My working life is checkered with black dominating. I began life as a merchant sailor, then worked my way up and down and sideways to become a garbage collector, removalist, fish truck driver, bus driver, security guard and a court officer. I was also a Law, Politics and Philosophy student once. Later, I spent ten years mostly out of work and lost in quiet contemplation not unlike that of a monk in a monastery.

My strongest suit for the task of blogging is not my modesty but my honesty and integrity, both of which are sadly lacking in journalism as well as in most other professions today. I am not in this to make money -although it would be nice to become the first billionaire blogger-, but to make the world a better place and to have some fun while making it.

My weakest suit is my lazy grasp of the English grammar in spoken as well as in written word. My punctuation can be awful at times as well. Occasionally, I may take a joke for real, not because I lack sense of humour but because I may have too much of it. It is called hubris.

Here you will read honest to goodness stories and perspectives delivered to the best of my abilities and without fear or favour. On this one man’s island, I shall seek to educate, inform, amuse and entertain and, if I can get it right, make you cry as well. Mostly, I hope to make you feel good about this wonderful world.

I seek to get out of this for myself some experience to help fulfill a long held dream of earning a spot in the Antarctic expeditionary team of Kurdistan’s Shackleton. A selfie with penguins would look awfully nice in my resume. Later, assuming I am still single, I hope to celebrate that with a Havana cigar rolled on the sweaty thighs of a salsa dancer. We have to have dreams to keep us alive.

Categories! Politics is struggle for power and war is politics by other means. Although it takes a “killer instinct” to win the power, the process of struggle demands cold, calculating, rational engagement. Here, you will read dispassionate evidence-based analysis of national and international politics.

Sentiments can be found in the Personal category. Posts in which humans are the subject matter, be it my own stories or others’, will be filed there in order to keep it distinctly separate from the political. Personal is not political.

In the Interests category will be anything that I fancy to write about. This is where I will be frolicking from climate change doom to Lady Gaga fashion to best papadum recipes. This may well grow up to be a large category with fewer readers.

In the Turkish category will be all pieces in Turkish language, authored either by myself or others and it will be on all topics.

I have had a Facebook page for over 2 years now and a number of pieces posted there in the past will be re-posted here in this section. Also, any substantial thoughts and sentiments shared there before the blog will also be filed under the Facebook Posts category.

And finally, any work that has been produced for purposes of journalism course will be placed in their respective slots under the temporary TAFE Journal category. This will hopefully help me finish the class and earn me the title of Journalist.

On this blog, I will not shy away from controversy nor will I deliberately seek to offend. My default position is that all contributions by way of comments are honestly held opinions, be it right or wrong, and they are all welcome. There will be bounds and censorship.  Well-reasoned succinct arguments delivered with humour will keep the communication going and earn you kudos.

Alakurda is a whole new adventure with no particular end in mind. Together, we will go along with it for as long as it lasts, and may it last long.

Ejder Memis, 04/11/2016


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