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Cheating in the gentleman’s game.

We have a weird bat and ball game here called cricket. It’s like baseball but bigger, better and full of solemn action. The English are responsible for inventing the game, we in Australia like to think we are the standard-bearers of this religion now. And yesterday the top practitioners of this religion were caught and confessed to something akin to slave trading.

This is how serious it is for Australia when its cricket captain and half of the team, and, possibly, the coach were busted for ball-tampering against South Africa in Cape Town yesterday.

Darwin-based Norhtern Terriroty News’ take on the cheating scandal.

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Go Barnaby go!

Australian politics…

Our deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce bangs one of his staffers, knocks her up, wrecks his marriage, hides the affair, re-employs the staffer in other MPs’ offices, blames “whisper campaign” when the story comes out, calls it a private matter, gets our prime minister Malcolm Turnbull to investigate it, and has Turnbull say there is nothing wrong with anything that happened.


Joyce is the leader of conservative National Party which is the coalition partner to Turnbull’s Liberal Party, and the government has a thin majority in the parliament. If this is how the government thinks they will retain the power at the next election, they are fools who take us for fools.

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Labor romps in to government in WA

Premier-elect Mark McGowan after declaring victory on Saturday night, March 11, 2017.

By Ejder Memis

The Labor Party won a resounding victory in the West Australian election on Saturday securing 42.8 per cent of the vote to Liberal’s 31.4 per cent.

The new government is expected to win up to 41 seats in the parliament to Liberal’s 13 and the National’s 5 seats according to ABC election analyst Anthony Green.

“Today we showed we are a state of decency and intelligence, not a state of stupidity and ignorance. Today, as always, West Australians showed the way for the rest of the country,” the premier-elect Mark McGowan said in his victory speech.

Liberal/National coalition in Canberra was in damage control yesterday dismissing the implications of the result for the federal government.

“I think [outgoing WA premier] Colin [Barnett] summed it up very well when he said overwhelmingly it was the ‘it’s time’ factor,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

“It was a government that, as he said, had been in for eight-and-a-half years. The history is that it’s very hard to win re-election after that period of time.”

Pre-election polls indicated a change of government was probable but the scale of the Labor victory surprised most election analysts.

Meanwhile, Pauline Hanson blamed the “scare campaign” for her party’s poor showing in the polls.

Premier-elect Mark McGovern is expected to be sworn in to office within days.

On Australia Day, January 26

A few of my fellow Kurdish Australians raised objections to celebrating this day in terms of relations with indigenous communities.

History could have unfolded differently, for the better as well as for the worse for indigenous Australians, since 26 January 1788. No one can deny the history of violence, dispossession and racism towards the indigenous communities in Australia since the start of the European colonisation.

Should that be a sufficient reason to mark Australia Day with national grief instead of celebration? In my view it is not. That this great nation was built upon the sweat and toil of 1000 social outcasts sentenced to death, however, is a good reason to celebrate.

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