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T-10 Days: My adventures with a workshop

So a week after discovering there was a workshop in my suburb tucked under a bridge that I walk on often, after two visits during which I saw no one (except that the workshop appeared equipped with necessary tools), after 2 unanswered emails through their website, and a phone message yesterday, I finally got to hear from them:

“We don’t make that kind of thing.”

“Well, I know that you don’t make that kind of thing; nobody makes them. But can you make one for a special project?” I explain again in an elevator-speech style the purpose and specifications of the contraption.

“Nargh! It’s not cost-effective.”

It is not like I asked them to do it for free. We didn’t even get a chance to discuss labour and material costs. And, really, it is for the project-owner to decide what is cost-effective. The impact on my wallet is nothing compared to heavy mental and physical exertion and the inconvenience the undertaking will cause if I set off without the right equipment.

Indeed, if I had the tools, I’d make the contraption myself. It would take a lot of time, money for tools, and experience to use them properly but I could do it… in the most cost-ineffective way!

Cool picture of an old metalworks factory labeled for non-commercial re-use that was lifted off the web for purposes of illustration for a story of grievance and steely determination.


So I ask again. “How about if I bring you the design and materials? I only need the use of specialist tools. Can I come over to discuss this with you in person since I live just around the corner.”

“No need. We don’t work on that kind of thing,” is their reply before I say thank you and goodbye.

So the workshop that advertises itself as capable of building anything from a dog-house to a spaceship goes all cold-feet for a simple equipment that I need for my #DreamWalkabout. They wouldn’t even discuss how much money they could make out of me for this job.

The world is full of people devoid of imagination. Give them a hammer, show them a nail, and they’ll hammer away at the nail for the rest of their lives. No confidence to start something anew. No curiosity to tickle. No horizon to broaden. Who needs an open horizon anyway, when getting safely tucked in a comfort zone, doing the same routine shit, is all that there is to life?

It was silly to fall for this particular workshop’s online hype that they’re like MythBusters who could build any contraption that’s not contrary to laws of physics. A metal workshop that is content to build staircases and guardrails for the elderly firmly belongs to the ‘unimaginative’ category.

This has been a disappointing week that will set back my August 1 deadline. No dramas. Better late than never.

On the upside, my mental and physical preparation for #DreamWalkabout are going very well. Every morning I wake up from a fresh dream that is related to this personal mission. I am in something of a boot camp and today is my 28th consecutive whirl around Leichhardt Bay Run in 21 days.

There is still me to believe in me.